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 General Information

      Hat Yai Hospital is a hospital under the subsidiary of Ministry of Health, Ministry of Public Health. The total area is 33 rai. The hospital has 700 beds (available 640 beds), and was certified quality standards ISO 9002. The hospital is certified hospital or HA (Hospital Accreditation) to strive for develop and provide quality service with regard to the satisfaction of the customer is important. 

            It is a hospital with a primary insurer selected as the number one hospital in Songkhla. (Unlimited insured).
 It is a hospital that provide the facilitate travel for a patient's social security of government and private hospitals in the lower part of South.


             Hat Yai Hospital, located at 182 Rattakarn Road, Ampor Had Yai, Songkhla 90110. 


           North: on Soi 7 Nipadsongkraw 1 
           South: on Soi 7 Nipadsongkraw 1 
           East: on Nipadsongkraw 1 
           West: on Rattakarn Road


  History of hospital


      Hat Yai Hospital Started with the initiative of Mr. trailers Suwanrath Governor Mr. Gomez INTHAWONG Songkhla and Hat Yai mayor at the time, year 2500 in the construction of the first grant of land to the City of Hat Yai. With an area of only 13 acres of waste and the foundation stone laying ceremony for construction of a hospital Hat on December 7, 2501 by building out-patient and in-patient building a second after Thailand had been completed. Was inaugurated by Mr. Chom Phon Kittikachorn prime minister on June 24, 2502 by Dr. roaring growth as a director of the hospital's first year, 2507, hospitals are funded buildings patients in Thailand and 2 more. 1 building with 75 beds for 900,000 baht completed. Open to patients in the year 2508 and fiscal year 2510, hospitals have been building surgical patients. Obstetrics and reinforced concrete building is 4 stories one after 5,000,000 baht and construction was completed in December 2511 but failed to get their patients. Due to limited funding, only the building blocks of hardware such as patient beds and other equipment. Not been replicated nucleus budgets doctor has requested cooperation from Channel 9 (Channel 10 in the present) to the television for funding. And has been cooperating very well. From wealthy merchants And the general public By donation THB 1,000,000 for the purchase of equipment such debris, making the building blocks surgical patients. Maternity and ChildrenHave the patient was on June 13, 2513 by His Excellency Gen. Gen. good Perugino Minister of Health at that time. Opening act In this regard, His Excellency Gen. good Perugino donated campaign contributions to buy 100 telephone numbers as well as the installation is complete, amounting to 216,450 baht.

        Hat Yai Hospital It is open to patients on June 24, 2502 to the present. Later, due to the growth of the community. In Hat Yai is expanding rapidly. Gore is also a patient in the local and surrounding area to get to multiply daily. Area to be constructed are limited not to extend the construction of buildings. To receive the service throughout the year, so in 2513, it was presented to the medical department would provide the land. Further down the road, Rama. Which is the same contact area And the site of the new hospital today. Was approved in principle to the appointment. The assessment of land pricesLand and buildings in such a rush to get carried away in the year.. 2515 was the appointment of expropriation. Following the publication of the Decree No. 202 dated August 26, 2515, the Director of the Hospital, Hat Yai, Songkhla, and the sheriff said replica origination official land Hat. It was later in the fiscal year 2516 has been. Carried out the expropriation of land and buildings. In the amount of 12,786,650 baht for a total of 19 acres of land for a total area of 44 square meters, which includes the original land of approximately 33 acres.

        2519 has been a building budget accident 2 floors, 1 garage, 1st floor laundry with 2 steamed back wages amounting to 5,600,000 baht joined by another hospital, including 6,800,000 1,200,000 Baht THB 2520 budget has been building. Physical Therapy - 2 Bedroom, 1 pharmacy and kitchen - the amount of 5,000,000 baht for 2 Class 1 contributions to the maintenance of the hospital's total 8,570,000 3,530,000 baht baht budget for the year 2522-2525 has been building an outpatient 5 1st. the amount of 66,426,980 baht embarked on the construction of 28 September 2522 and was completed on 10 May 2525 and the patient building of 6 floors, 1 credit 106,344,754 baht embarked construction on 28 June 2522 and completed on 16 July 2525 in which capacity. The patient was a 700 bed addition to building an outpatient 5-story building and the patients in the 6-storey 700 bed 2 after this hospital Hat not get funds for equipment for the building, such as patient beds, medical supplies and more. People like the director of Hat Yai Hospital. Dr. replication origin has requested cooperation. Channel 10's station telephone and Hat Yai Municipality presents "Charity Night" at the Municipal Auditorium, City of London. Contribution to fund procurement Durable Medical And equipment for nurses In the television the night of 17 July 2525 on the list. "Charity Night" This money has been donated by the merchants. Baron and the general population of 15 million baht, which supply goods and Dong said. 2 after the building is completed.

        Fiscal year 2523 have been buildings lectures 4 and 1: 2,800,000 Baht joined by the amount of care hospitals, including 3,790,000 baht 990,000 baht budget for the year 2525 has been the world water treatment unit 1. at 4,000,000 Baht perform a construction tender in the amount of 3,075,993 baht embarked construction on April 15, 2525 and was completed on 11 November 2525 year 2525 budget has been fenced parking ramp and chute 3,000,000 limit. THB start construction on 21 July 2525 and was completed on November 18, 2525, so in February 2526 Hat Yai Hospital moved patients from the old building to the new building location Tanrattanakon today. And 2 after the grand opening ceremony was done by HE General Prem Tinsulanond Prime Minister on 26 March 2526 and was awarded compensation to help the government in 2527, all of them. funded construction of disease after the first five floors of the building in the amount of 11,966,013 baht stir prices start construction on 15 September 2527 and was completed on 24 September 2530 year.. . 2531 funded the construction of three-year-old building, with 40 family physicians, 1 in the amount of Baht 20.68 million was completed on December 6, 2533, with a budget of 9.23 million baht to 11,450,000 baht care hospitals joined the ABC 20.68 million baht.